With their latest venture creating plenty of buzz, one hard-working team are proud to debut their latest – and trendiest – idea.

The entire village and beyond has got involved with the St Bees Community Radio, being entertained all day long with live sessions, song requests and informative segments.

And with over 42,000 listeners over 20 days, the team – made up by Charles Bagshaw, Demi McDowell, Nathan Steele, Chris Lockie, Dave Morgan and Lee Shackley – have taken the next step in their venture to support the area.

"The rationale for t-shirt and other merchandise sales is to support our efforts for the community and to support those we most rely on" Charles said.

He added that on top of making the station sustainable, "our neighbours, friends and loved ones need support with provision of PPE to keep them and their families safe".

The St Bees Community Radio online shop stocks hand-printed t-shirts and tote bags, for £12.50 and £6 each – with £2 of each sale going towards funding PPE for frontline workers.

And the team are thrilled with the response, selling handfuls of tops and bags each day since setting up the shop just two weeks ago.

Charles said: "We are selling quite a few t-shirts – around 10 a day – which is great for both our sustainability as a radio station, and of course the NHS PPE fund."

The group are grateful for every sale, and hope to continue giving up-and-coming artists a time to shine on the radio, while supporting the heroes on the frontline.

To buy your own funky shirt or handy bag, visit the radio's shop at stbeesradio.co.uk/shop.

For more details on the station, having a listen and how you can get involved, visit the St Bees Community Radio Facebook page.