The dedication of Cumbria police's Special Constabulary has been highlighted for its contribution during the coronavirus outbreak.

The force has released figures to say that, last month, Specials contributed a total of 2,411 hours of policing - including 1,627 hours linked to Covid-19.

On top of that, they spent 478 hours in neighbourhood policing, helped with 17 missing person enquiries and recorded 37 statements.

The volunteer Special Constabulary is a body who work alongside regular police, they have the same powers, wear the same uniform and carry the same equipment.

They form a vital link between their community and the police service.

One volunteer is special constable Stephen Berry. He is one of a number of Sellafield staff released by the company to help during the pandemic.

In April the Workington-based special, who has been in the force for three years, put in 104 hours.

He said: “Since being temporarily released by Sellafield to help during the current coronavirus pandemic, I have been aligned with a response section working out of Workington police station.

“My duties over this period have included Covid-19 reassurance foot patrols in Workington, as well as assisting regular officers by double crewing with them on general response supporting a wide variety of jobs.

“It also highlights the responsibility Sellafield displays to the support of the local community as well as providing extra resources.”

Superintendent Lisa Hogan is the head of the people department at Cumbria Constabulary.

She said: “Stephen has shown real commitment and dedication.

“He is just one example of the many special constables who provide an essential service."

Alan Rankin, HR transformation lead at Sellafield, said: “We are delighted to support Cumbria Constabulary citizens in policing, and in particular the incredibly important role special constables play in working to keep the public of our area safe.

“In these unprecedented and challenging times we are proud that Stephen has chosen to step-up and agree to be deployed full time as a special constable to support the Covid-19 response.

“He is a great example of our employees who are determined to make a real difference and contribution to their local area.

“As an employer we are humbled that so many of our employees commit time and energy to their communities and employer supported policing is a critical part of that.

“Sellafield will continue to provide ongoing support to the Citizens in Policing scheme and we would encourage any of our employees to become involved.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall added: “I do want to particularly thank our Special Constabulary officers who are unpaid volunteers who carry the same powers, responsibility and accountability as their regular counterparts, but who do it for free and as volunteers.

The force is always looking to recruit more specials and is encouraging others to sign up. For more information or to apply visit