AN Asda employee has been praised by her colleagues for putting the welfare of her child first and sending him to live with family members during the coronavirus crisis.

Everyone at the Asda store in Whitehaven is proud of Michaela Gorman who, when lockdown began, made the difficult decision to send her 10-year-old son, Rio, to live with her partner’s parents so she could continue to help feed the nation.

Since then, the only contact she has had with him is through Facetime every evening. But despite everything, she continues to go to work everyday as a frontline worker, providing a fantastic service.

Asda service section leader, Michaela, who has worked at the store for three years, explained: “We thought it was the safest option if Rio went to stay with my partner, Patrick’s parents, Gill and Mike. They love him to bits and they’ve been an absolute Godsend - he’s been a bit spoiled. He’s been there since March 22, that’s when I dropped him off and said my goodbyes.

“At first I did go and see him through the window, but it was getting too difficult to pull myself away, so we stopped.

“Rio was alright at first, but as time has gone on, he keeps asking when he can come home,” added Michaela.

“The hardest thing is giving him an answer. Hopefully things well ease soon and I will be able to see him and give him a nice big cuddle. I try to give it my all at work as we need to be here for our communities. I didn’t think working in a supermarket would ever be frontline.”

Asda Whitehaven store manager, Gerry Leggat, said Michaela’s sacrifice was inspirational.

He said: “Proud really is an understatement. She is doing a brilliant job. We are only a small store and we are very close-knit and every single one of our colleagues here will look after her.”