A WEST Cumbrian village raised more than £1,700 thanks to a virtual family-friendly event.

Kate Wright, of Moresby Parks organised Moresby Live!, which saw local talents take to the screen for a day of entertainment on Saturday, including a family yoga session, pilates, disco workout, storytelling and music and dance performances.

The event, which people can still view on Facebook by searching for Moresby Live!, raised cash for North Lakes Foodbank.

Kate said: "We had such a great day. We've raised £1,779.74 for the foodbank and there's still money coming in so I'm so so chuffed with how it's all gone.

"We had people watching and donating from all over the world, which is just fantastic and I guess a testament to all of our acts for promoting it so well to their family and friends.

"My aunty in America was watching and a couple of friends in Spain were cheering me on all day so it was just lovely.

"And of course we had lots of messages of support from the lovely people of Moresby and Whitehaven - so many people.

"I think it's made all of us very proud of our village and our community."

Kate set up a Covid-19 mutual aid group when the coronavirus lockdown was imposed, and she called on those volunteers once more for fundraising ideas.

The group had already raised £480 with a lockdown haircut, with Corey McCullough, Ashlee Oakes, Lindsay Thomson and her daughters Keira and Alyssa taking part.

All the acts performed for free during Moresby Live!, but it wasn't without some amusing hiccups.

Kate said: "Cathy who did the family yoga session did hers outside in her garden. The night before the event, her cat had had a problem with its collar so she'd had to take it off, so he had no bell on and had gone on a hunting spree, and she found half a mouse on the lawn mid way through her yoga session.

"I totally messed up my lunchtime story - I was reading the book off a kindle app on my computer and the pages kept going weird so I kept losing my place. It was epically embarrassing but I carried on regardless.

"A couple of the little ones who were performing got stage fright and had to record their video instead of going live, but they were absolutely brilliant any way.

"One of our fitness performer's phone orientation flipped the wrong way around so her whole live stream was upside down which was quite comical. These things happen though - I'm just glad we all got through it in one piece."

To support the initiative and donate to North Lakes Foodbank, visit www.give.net/moresby.