With theatres closed and group meetings banned, one creative group isn't willing to let isolation stop them from spreading some joy with their talent.

Youngsters of Whitehaven Theatre of Youth are taking their appreciation and skills digital, sharing videos on social media to get people smiling, and give their thanks to the heroes of our community.

Initially starting up as a way to keep members of the youth group entertained during lockdown, the videos have now become a beacon of hope for many.

"We started with a thank you video to the NHS, just to keep them occupied really, but it got quite a lot of shares and likes on Facebook, and people saying it made them smile, so we did one for delivery drivers too," video coordinator, Emily Morton said.

"It's nice to spread some happiness, and not just hear about all the bad things going on."

The theatre group is run by Emily's mum, Maria Morton, with the help of Judith Henderson, Olivia Underwood, Amy Morton, Lousia Morton and Charlotte Howland, and they couldn't be more pleased with the effect the videos have.

Emily said: "Because people like them so much, we're going to do more, including dances and things like that, just to keep spreading positivity and keeping the kids doing what they love."

The group is made up of 40 youngsters and teens, aged seven-to-18, and they've banded together to write and perform a song to keep spirits up.

Lyrics include: "We know we will miss it, but it’s not the end. Corona won’t keep us forever from our friends.

"I hope you stay safe, and keep your hands clean, work together as a team. How wonderful life is at theatre of youth."

To watch the group's videos and hear their song, visit the Whitehaven Theatre of Youth's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Emily added: "We’ve got some more plans up our sleeves for future videos – just to bring something nice out of this awful time!"