A PODCAST provider hope to bring entertainment to the masses who are in self isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The team at Cygnus Studios finished work on a state-of-the-art podcast and radio suite in Stirling Place, Cleator Moor last week. However, due to new guidance from the government to stay in-doors unless absolutely necessary, they have been forced to take equipment home with them.

The studio was put together by a group of friends: Ross Whitfield of Ennerdale, Chelsea Wright from Egremont, Paul Murphy of Frizington and Nick Ford of Cleator Moor.

They are all shareholders in the company behind the new facility, Cygnus Studios.

The public will be able to hire-out the podcasting studio when it is safe to leave isolation, however for now, the team at Cygnus Radio, which operates out of the studio, are aiming to bring some light entertainment to people who are stuck at home.

Ross Whitfield said: “The four of us can connect over Skype. We chat every Friday and we’ve called that On The Moor.

“Next week we will be connecting from home.”

“We are going to try and get people to call in. It’s a way to let people know that they still have a voice.”

It was Paul Murphy who originally floated the idea.

Ross said: “Paul used to run his own radio station, he mentioned doing it and we took it that step further.”

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has put their plans for the studio itself on hold, the team think that it is the perfect time for podcasting.

Ross said: “YouTube is massive now, people want something to listen to and they want to listen to it when they want.”

When the danger of Coronavirus has passed, the team hope that groups and members of the public will record their own podcasts from the studio.

Ross said: “It’s not the best time to open it, we didn’t know at the time what was happening. Unfortunately it has been opened but it’s just sat there at the moment.”

They have big plans for their podcasts: “It’s a chance to get our voices out there.

“It’s nice to have a little project to focus on with everything else that’s going on, we know that every Friday we’ll Skype in and have a chat.”

The team are eager to get the project fully off the ground when the COVID-19 outbreak has passed. Ross said: “We are going to kit it out with proper DSLR cameras so that whoever is sitting in there can do a livestream as well.

Stirling Place was opened on High Street Cleator Moor in 2019 as office accomodation for growing businesses in the area.