Outraged residents have hit out at Home Group’s latest plans to convert 13 houses into flats throughout a town.

The housing association has submitted plans to Copeland Borough Council to create 26 one-bedroom flats and apartments in and around Whitehaven.

Proposed addresses include 44 Derwentwater Road, 173 Meadow Road, 261 Meadow Road, 226 Meadow Road, 22 Bowness Road, 50 Windermere Road, 90 Fell View, 1 Bowness Road, 9 Loweswater Avenue, 50 Burnmoor Avenue, 52 Burnmoor Avenue.

Plans for two Cleator Moor houses has also been submitted, including 27 William Morris Avenue and 4 Ehen Road.

Whitehaven town councillor Carl Walmsley, who represents the Mirehouse ward, shared the plans on social media with those who live in his patch in order to find out how they feel about the proposal.

And residents aren’t happy, with many saying there is more demand for three-bedroom homes in the area than single dwellings.

One concerned parent said: “I think it’s a awful idea and the parking on this road is horrendous to start with – you add another few cars and there will be no [parking] at all.”

Another frustrated resident commented: “No way should this happen on this estate.

“If anything they should be creating more housing for families not flats for troublemakers. Keep our kids/grandkids safe.”

Increased noise and traffic is also a concern for many, with one parent saying: “Wanting to make next door to me I ain’t happy with it and [neither] is the person who lives on the other side of the house as we both have kids under the age of five, and my little lad doesn’t like loud noises at all.”

But some are supportive of the plans, with Kerry Ackerley, who lived on Meadow Road until recently, feeling it’s a “positive thing” for the area.

“I think it’s a good idea,” the mother-of-six said. “It gives single people who can’t afford to buy a house or expensive rent the chance to move out and get set up.

“As long as they’re given to decent single people who just want to move out of their mum and dad’s house and things, I think it’ll be good.”

Coun Walmsley said: “I have had numerous complaints about [the plans] already, not just from Mirehouse but from Greenbank and Woodhouse.

“When I was elected, I pledged I would go with the majority of residents on all issues.

“I’m determined to stick to it, so if the majority are against the flats, I will fully support their argument.”

Steve Heywood, from Home Group, said: “Wherever we build new homes or redevelop existing ones, we do so based on the needs of the communities in which we operate.”