A business in Workington has offered a helping hand, giving a little girl a walking aid she can be proud of.

Chloe Douglas-Brown, aged four, uses a Kaye walking aid as she has Jacobsen Syndrome.

Her condition affects her speech, mobility and feeding.

Mum Sophie Douglas-Brown said: “She has a walker at school but she needs one for holidays and weekends.”

Chloe progressed to a Kaye walker in late January, after she previously made use of a gait trainer.

“For the size she needs they are pretty much a standard colour.”

The walker that came was green which Sophie thought did not suit Chloe.

After an attempt to spray paint the walking aid, Sophie called on Irving’s Bodyworks of Mossbay Road, Workington for help and they did the job free of charge.

“I was willing to pay for it. They said just bring it and we’ll see what we can do.”

Carla Casson of Irving’s Bodyworks said that the business was happy to help.

“We’ve never been approached with something like that before. That was the nicest thing we’ve been asked to do” she said.

Sophie was full of praise for the garage: “They were very polite and helpful. They said ‘we don’t want any money for it’. Lovely people.”

Sophie said that when Chloe received her new-look Kaye walker, it gave her a real lift.

“It’s unbelievable the difference it can make.”

Carla said: “She came back with Chloe and her older brother. It was nice to make that family happy. It doesn’t take much to just help someone out.”

The family live in Lowca and Chloe attends Mayfield School, which Sophie praised highly.

The happy mum added that it gave her a boost to see a local business helping those in need.

“There is too much negativity going on at the minute, it’s a nice little feel good story.”