A PAIR of community champions from Arlecdon have been offering their services to those affected by coronavirus.

Dave and Dian Doyle run SBB Gardening Services and they’ve been helping local residents who are self-isolating or elderly or disabled and need a hand around the house.

They put a post on Facebook on Monday and say they’ve had a number of calls as a result – some people are asking for help with shopping, but mainly they need practical assistance, lifting and carrying.

“I can’t believe the response we’ve had,” says Dian. “People have asked us to take their rubbish out or move something to their garage or asking if we could turn up when the bin men are coming.

“We think these are just simple acts of kindness. We don’t want any money, we are doing this all for free.”

Dave and Dian moved to Cumbria in 2013 and set up the business two years ago when Dave, a former HGV driver, was made redundant. Dave takes a hands-on role while Dian manages the paperwork.

The pair are great believers in giving something back to their community.

At the start of the year they saw an appeal by the team at Hospice at Home West Cumbria who were looking for volunteers to collect Christmas trees for recycling.

The pair donned their waterproofs and high-vis jackets and went along to help.

And Dian, who also works as an administrator for the National Nuclear Laboratory, says she’s seen the same generosity of spirit from others here in Cumbria.

She said: “People are so helpful here. I suffer from Crohns, colitis and friends have been messaging to say ‘please let us know if you need toilet rolls or sanitiser’. Hand on heart, I don’t think you would get that anywhere else.”

Those in need of a little help during the coronavirus outbreak can contact Dave and Dian on 01946 862762 or 07445 504555.