With a bucket of milky flour, a scattering of sugar, a dash of lemon and a few dozen eggs, countless of us celebrated Pancake Day yesterday – and those at school certainly weren’t the exception.

While many might have opted for the easy option of a ready-made pancake mix, pupils of Mayfield School, Whitehaven, were more than happy to make their own from scratch.

After putting together their own recipes, including flour, eggs, milk and plenty of syrupy-sweet goodness, of course, the excited youngsters set about cooking their creations – and eating them as quickly as they could afterwards.

And although assistant head teacher, Carolyn Westnedge had experienced a pancake-overload, she and the pupils loved every second.

“We’ve had lots of fun today – it’s been lovely,” she said. “There’s a big mess now, but it’s worth it if the pupils all had fun!”

The caring teacher made sure everyone could enjoy a pancake or two, with the children in Mayfield’s MOVE programme – designed to help pupils with disabilities gain independent mobility – also taking part.

With fuel in the form of pancake-filled tummies, the pupils set off racing each other up and down corridors, putting their pancakes together and flipping them as they went.

"We do have to try to make this sort of thing educational, and fit in with what the children are learning, but the race was such a good way to make it fun for them as well," Carolyn explained.