A WEST Cumbrian man claimed his drink was spiked after he admitted hurting a seven-year-old child while running away from police.

Jordan Stephen Bagley, 25, of Chaucer Avenue in Egremont, admitted assaulting the child by beating him and obstructing a constable.

He also admitted one count of racially aggravated harassment.

Magistrates sitting at the Workington court on Friday, heard all the charges were brought after an incident in Kells, Whitehaven, on August 1.

Amy Labram, prosecuting, said the incident happened at around 2.30pm on High Road.

"There were three 12-year-old boys at the play park and they were approached by the defendant. He offered them alcohol out of a glass wine bottle, they said they didn't want any and he downed the bottle himself and smashed it on the floor," said Miss Labram.

She added that Bagley shouted insults at the children and then walked towards the nearby corner shop and shouted racist abuse.

When the police was called he made off and while fleeing he pushed a seven-year-old child.

The child fell over on a wall and scratched his back.

Mike Woolaghan, defending, said the 12-year-old children were in an enclosed play area when the incident happened.

He said the defendant was effectively walking along the road and the racist abuse was shouted "into thin air."

"Albeit towards the shop, owned by a family of ethnic origin, there's no evidence that they heard, or caused them any distress. There's no evidence the children in the play park were caused any distress either."

Mr Woolaghan added that while Bagley concedes that by running away he was obstructing an officer, he did not go very far.

The incident involving the seven-year-old, was effectively the defendant coming into collision with him while running.

"It had never been in his mind to cause injury," added the solicitor.

Mr Woolaghan said Bagley had gone to visit some friends and consumed a "modest" quantity of alcohol. "He thinks something was put in his drink, this behaviour is out of character."

The court heard that since the incident, Bagley had stopped drinking altogether.

Magistrates handed Bagley a £750 fine for the offences and ordered him to pay £45 victim surcharge, £85 costs and £50 compensation to the seven-year-old.