RESIDENTS are up in arms following the resubmission of a controversial planning application which has twice been rejected.

Objectors to a housing development close to Dent Fell, Cleator Moor, were delighted last March when the plans were rejected for a second time.

Councillors voted against the plans to build a further 11 homes on Trumpet Terrace.

Planning chiefs had recommended the development for approval when it was initially put before Copeland’s planning panel. Because the decision went against officers’ advice, it had to go before the panel for a second time.

But members once again decided to go against the officers’ advice, citing the visual impact and highways issues as their reasons for refusing it.

A Cleator Moor resident has spoken out about the negative impact development plans are having on people's lives.

She is concerned about the "impact on the mental health of a close-knit rural community, living in an area of local beauty and character which appears to be constantly the focus of attention of out of town property developers".

She said: "The residents of Trumpet Road in Cleator not only live in the shadow of the majestic Dent Fell, but live with the threat of out of town property developers who are determined to build 11 dwellings which by the developers own admission are targeting "high wage earners" within the foothills of Dent Fell.

"For the second time in less than 12 months the residents are faced with challenging a re-submission to a proposal that has already been refused by Copeland Borough Council."

She said a small group has worked together, spending hours researching local Government policy, plans and Highways and Countryside regulations to ensure that development proposals do not cause harm to the local area whilst maintaining road safety.

"They have had to become experts overnight at planning law and facing speaking in public at planning meetings, which can be stressful and daunting," she said.

"Quite frankly they are worried that even if they successfully manage to challenge the proposals based upon compliance with local housing policy and road safety, when is this challenge ever going to end?

"Given that this is the third time that they are all facing this issue in their lifetime, they are now thinking this landscape enjoyed by so many is going to be permanently under threat."

The outline application for 11 dwellings and access has been resubmitted by Mr and Mrs A Casson, of Cockermouth. They did not want to comment.