FARMERS in Cumbria are being urged to make their voices heard at a mass rally in London in March.

Farming leaders say the lobby on March 25, will bring together farmers, consumer representatives and experts in animal welfare and the environment, in a show of unity backing the future of British farming and underlining the role farmers play in supplying the nation with safe, traceable and affordable food and protecting the countryside.

They are in agreement that British farming’s world-leading standards must be safeguarded in future trade deals.

National Farmers Union (NFU) North West regional director David Hall said: “Cumbria is the second- largest county in England and Wales when it comes to the amount of NFU Farmer and Grower members it has. They are part of a North West farming industry which contributes £726 million to the economy. Their voice needs to be heard.

“Brexit has officially taken place, and the reality is our Cumbrian farmers need more than just promises to ensure the high standards of animal welfare and food production they uphold are not undermined by imports of food which would be illegal to produce here. I want to see as many of them as possible getting behind the NFU president’s call to arms and make the trip.”