AN AMBITIOUS teen has joined the ranks of the Royal Navy after completing his basic training.

16-year-old trainee engineering technician Finn Docherty joined the Service in November 2019, and 10 weeks later completed the induction training, which has taught him the vital skills needed throughout his career.

The Hensingham youngster is now set to march out before his friends and family at the passing-out-parade, marking the end of the course.

Finn said: “I joined the Royal Navy because I wanted to travel the world and work around other cultures and people with different backgrounds. Also, my granda' was in the merchant navy and I wanted to do something similar.

"Before I joined, I was in the Whitehaven Sea Cadets for a year and eight months, so a lot of my knowledge is thanks to all the volunteers at TS Bee."

He added: " I’ve enjoyed the course, and have learnt that you only get out what you put in.”

With the first phase of his training complete, Finn will now transfer to HMS Sultan for his engineering training, and has chosen to specialise as a marine engineer.

Once fully qualified, the teen will play a major part in day-to-day operations, ensuring state-of-the-art warships are powered, maintained and ready for action.

The Royal Navy's Initial Naval Training course is underpinned by nine Core Maritime Skills that are the foundations of naval life and underpin operational effectiveness, with recruits being taught the basics of Naval discipline and customs.

They learn about navigation and are given the chance to take the helm of their own medium sized inflatable boat during a waterborne orienteering exercise.

Royal Navy personnel can also be called upon to play a vital role in land-based operations, so recruits undergo training in basic combat skills which includes survival in the field.

Fitness is a key component of the training and is delivered using a disciplined method of military fitness which focuses on developing co-ordination and individual physical strength and endurance.

As the course progresses the recruits take part in three extended exercises to test their skills and understanding of the principles they have been taught.

Details of career opportunities within the Royal Navy are available online at, or by calling the Recruitment Line on 03456 00 53 02.