Homeowners battling for a parking space near their properties are calling for a permit scheme to be introduced.

People living near West Cumberland Hospital have been left frustrated at the volume of cars parked on their roads.

Residents say they struggle to park on the estates which have become so congested that emergency services would be unable to gain access.

One resident who lives on Cumberland Road says parking is a “major issue”.

“I’m just hoping something gets done about it. People who live here can’t get parked on the actual road. No one should expect to park outside their home but you should be able to actually get on the road you live.

"They couldn’t get a fire engine and ambulance down. Some people need carers to arrive and they can’t get on the road.

“People are parking here with very expensive cars - you can tell they have got hospital badges around their necks. They can be there all day. It’s ridiculous.

"It’s not right that hospital staff have to pay for parking but there’s nothing you can do about that.

“There’s people at visiting hours who park here then you see them walking down the cutting to the hospital. People park on junctions and kids can’t see around cars. It’s so frustrating. There’s people coming from work late at night and they can’t get parked on the road.

“I would like resident parking. There’s people on the road who have more cars than people living in the houses. It’s a big problem everywhere but something has to give.”

Raymond Gill, who represents Sneckyeat South on Whitehaven Town Council and lives on Cumberland Road, said he would also support a permit scheme.

“Cumberland Road is one of the worst in the area,” he said. “I’m pushing for resident parking where each house gets two tickets. I think that’s got to be combined with policing of people obstructing the road and double yellow lines.

“People are double parking and blocking the pavement off. They park on the corners. Sometimes the bin wagons can’t get down. It’s worse at visiting times at the hospital.

"If an ambulance comes at 8 o’clock, they won’t get down our road. Vehicles can’t get through. It can be the difference between life and death - minutes matter.

"Something needs done. We can’t go on like this.”

County councillor Mike Hawkins, said the issue had been put on the agenda for the next multi-agency meeting chaired by Cumbria Police.

He said: "Parking is a problem all over town. The estates in Whitehaven weren't made for the amount of traffic we have got on the roads now. It's like that everywhere."

A spokesman for North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are sorry to hear that residents are having difficulty with congestion around the site.

“The trust does not have any control over parking off site however, we have taken swift action to remind people based on that site to be considerate of the local residents and to use the car parks provided.

“We also provide parking advice to patients with their appointments, explaining the parking provision for the hospital site. This is reiterated on our public website.”