Residents and parents are calling for changes to be made to a busy road amid safety fears.

Since Campus Whitehaven opened in January 2019, housing St Benedict’s School and Mayfield School, both parents and residents have been concerned over the volume of traffic, with many taking to social media to share their frustration.

And one parent among many fears for her children's safety, and even says a prayer before setting off on the school run.

"There's going to be a massive pile up there not before long," she said. "I've been driving my children to school there for eight or nine years now, and it's never been this bad before.

"There's going to be a fatality because of the speed and number of cars."

She added: "I just hope it's sorted out before a child is knocked over."

St Benedict’s head teacher, Emma Jackson is aware of the issues with the traffic, and shares the parents' concerns.

She said: “We regularly meet with the Highways Agency to discuss what can be done, but there’s no easy solution.

“We do our best to manage the situation, and will work with anyone who can offer a solution.”

Although many pupils of Mayfield School arrive by bus, head teacher Sam Kidd is aware of the concerns.

“I do know that school traffic is a problem for people,” she said. “The county council is involved, and are trying to find a solution to make it better for everyone.”

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council confirmed a highways manager will be meeting with the schools today (January 22), visiting at a peak time with the aim of “better understanding the issues, and identify possible solutions to fix the problems”.