A DANGEROUS junction on the A66 looks no closer to being upgraded - 12 months after campaigners were promised action.

Last January Highways England revealed plans for a four-arm roundabout to replace a notorious staggered junction at Broughton/Brigham.

Campaigners had been calling for work at the site, claiming it was dangerous.

In a letter, 12 months ago, Highways England said: “The feasibility design is almost complete; the progression of the scheme will depend upon the detailed design being completed and the necessary funds being successfully secured with a view to start construction in the next financial year.”

However, when asked when work on the roundabout will begin, a spokesman told the News & Star that work was no further forward.

“We’re still committed to improving safety at these two junctions by replacing them with a roundabout as previously stated,” he pledged. “We currently have no start date for this project.”

Nicky Cockburn, who represents Broughton St Bridget’s at Allerdale Council, said: “I’m very disappointed that we haven’t got a start date yet.

“It is a dangerous junction and the central box - the middle lane - coming from Cockermouth and turning right into Broughton is frequently too full, leaving drivers with nowhere to go and occasionally having to risk going into the Brigham lane.”

Broughton Parish Councillor, Sue Hannah, who has campaigned for changes at the junction for more than two decades, is concerned that the Broughton/Brigham roundabout plans might eventually be shelved.

She said: “It upsets me that they seem to be spending a great deal of money at Clifton and Cockermouth roundabouts - to achieve not a lot - when they could put the money together and put one at Broughton, where there is a danger.

“I hope this work is a prelude to our roundabout and not instead of it. I hope they are not putting Broughton on the shelf.”

Data provided from Highways England, from a website called Crash Map, shows there have been 19 reported road traffic collisions at the area between 2009 and 2018.

These include one fatal collision, four ‘serious’ collisions and 14 ‘slight’ collisions.

Mrs Cockburn added: “In addition to the reported incidents at the junction there are an awful lot that go unreported. I feel like we are left hanging in the air, it’s very frustrating.”

People have been calling for action on the junction for up to 20 years.

Hundreds of Broughton and Brigham residents attended consultations at public meetings held by Highways England six years ago, in both villages, where most felt that a four-arm roundabout would be the best solution to the traffic problems.