A NEW canine hydrotherapy centre has opened near Workington.

The owner of Tutehill Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Pica has set up the hydrotherapy clinic which is aimed at dog rehabilitation, weight management and fitness.

Sharon Rogers has been running the successful kennels since she bought the business from her parents in 2002.

Her new venture was inspired by her first German Shepherd dog, Elsa, who would have benefitted from hydrotherapy, had it been available at the time.

Elsa broke her leg at nine months old and had to have metal rods put in to re-attach it. She eventually recovered and had a good life, but her exercise was limited as she became lame if she did too much.

Sharon lost Elsa to cancer in 2004, and vowed she would one day do canine hydrotherapy. Although it would not have extended Elsa’s life it would have improved the quality.

Sharon said: “There wasn’t anything back then. When I lost her, I said one day I will do hydrotherapy. She would have been a lot more comfortable. We were always at the vet with her but she was brilliant all the way through.”

Sharon opened the new centre in December, and says it is much-needed in the area.

“Cumbria is a bit behind the times. There’s nothing here, right on our doorsteps. You get the opinion, we have got the lakes, but the cold water makes the condition worse.”

Hydrotherapy provides a number of health benefits for dogs, including increased range of joint motion, increased muscle strength and tone, and reduced inflammation.

It is beneficial for dogs with a range of health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, elbow and hip dysplasia and spinal disc injuries, however, any dog can use the facilities, provided they have a signed referral form from their vet.

For enquiries, email info@tutehillk9hydrotherapy.co.uk or call 01946 833502.

All clients will need a signed referral form from their vet, which can be downloaded from www.tutehillk9hydrotherapy.co.uk/