Copeland has remained a Conservative seat as Trudy Harrison was re-elected as MP so let's look at what she promised for the area.

Mrs Harrison won with 22,856 votes against Labour's Tony Lywood, who received 17,040 votes.

In her campaign she said she was proud to champion Copeland and she would continue to do so on issues including nuclear, Brexit, transport, health, education, industry, jobs, farming, broadband and the environment.

She also declared she has never stopped pushing for a nuclear plant on Moorside, saying: "The Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor consortium is committing to Copeland as a priority site. I have been working to help secure this which will generate jobs and a pipeline of work."

Other key points in her campaign were:

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed a Conservative government would continue to develop a Whitehaven Relief Road/A595 improvements.

An extra £33.9billion for the NHS to hire more doctors and nurses and cut waiting times.

Previous investment in four new schools across Copeland with a further £20million for Whitehaven Academy and more funding for every pupil in every school.

To legislate agricultural policy, using public money for UK farmers, rather than subsidising farms across the EU.