A Distington woman says that she is angry and upset after being left without a working shower for almost a month after being told not to use it by her landlord.

Georgia Stone, from West View Road, has a son that is under two years old, and said she was told not to use the shower after it tripped the electricity in the house by shorting out the power on November 5.

Since then she said she has tried on several occasions to get Home Group to come and fix the problem.

She said she called the housing organisation to report the incident the following day, then again on November 14, 25 and 26.

She said: “Home Group said they would send someone out about the shower, the first time the contractor just stuck a card through the door and didn’t attend.

“Second time they did not come at all.”

After moving into the house in January, Georgia said she has battled a catalogue of repairs, which includes several leaks, repairs to the roof and vents, replastering the ceiling and leaky sinks. She added that she no longer has a light by the front door as it was capped off due to water running down the walls.

Georgia said getting the shower working again is “surely an emergency.”

Her mother is having to collect Georgia and her son and take them to her house at Harrington every day to shower there.

She said she has been told to use the downstairs sink or the sink in the kitchen to wash her child.

When she last called Home Group eight days ago, she said she was told to wait until she gets a call from the contractors. She said: “I feel I am going round in circles. Many times I have sat here and cried. This time I need to do something and I don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

She added: “I am angry with them considering I have got a two-year-old and my mam has to pick us up and take us to Harrington for a shower every day.”

A spokesman for Home Group said: “It’s a complicated case but we are certainly looking into it and looking to resolve it as soon as possible.”