The brother of a Whitehaven woman, missing for 10 weeks, has spoken of his despair after getting married without his sister by his side.

Stuart Gourley is desperate to find his sister, Leanne Smith, and admitted it was so hard to tie the knot without her, on what should have been the happiest day of his life.

He said: “It was a hard day without her. We’ve had no updates at all. We’re still asking her friends and everyone to keep on sharing the page, and to keep on looking for her.

“Her former partner is out looking every day – everyone wants to find her and know she’s safe.”

Distraught family and friends of Ms Smith, formerly Gourley, have renewed appeals to find her after she was last seen at her home in Whitehaven on September 15.

Since her “disappearance”, the community has banded together to search the West Cumbrian coastline for Ms Smith, and set up the Facebook page ‘Find Leanne Gourley/Smith’ for people to post updates.

But “the trail has gone cold”, according to search organiser Laura Matzk: “We’ve heard absolutely nothing, and we all want to do another search but with no leads, it’s just impossible.

“She’s on my mind every day. I search for her face in every crowd, even when I’m shopping I look for her.

"If Leanne could just reach out and let somebody know she’s safe, it would give us all some peace of mind. We just need to know she’s okay.”

Ms Smith had recently moved to Whitehaven, and her childhood best friend from Shipley in West Yorkshire, Milissa Dalby, was devastated when her lifelong friend was reported missing.

She said: “If anyone has any information at all, even if it’s only small, can they please get in touch with her family.

“And if Leanne sees this then please let someone know you are ok, we all love you and just need to know that you’re safe – we are beyond the point of worrying now.”

Inspector Jim Lloyd for Cumbria Police confirmed they are continuing to search for Ms Smith.

He said: “We continue to assess all information as it comes in as this inquiry continues.

“The investigation has so far included searches of coastal, rural and urban areas in and around Whitehaven, utilising specialist trained search officers, police dogs, police drones, police helicopter and with the assistance of the Coastguard.

“In addition, specialist officers have been utilised to conduct technical and forensic enquiries, in an effort to locate Leanne.

“Numerous potential lines of inquiry have also been followed up around the country, speaking with members of the public who may have information about Leanne and assessing potential sightings outside Cumbria.”

She was last seen wearing a blue coat, carrying a handbag, with black shoulder-length hair in a ponytail.

Anyone with information regarding Ms Smith’s whereabouts is urged to contact police on 101.