LET’s get Brexit done - that’s the message on the doorsteps in Copeland.

Trudy Harrison, Copeland’s Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate, has been out and about campaigning and listening to views.

Together with the Copeland Conservatives team, they have been knocking on doors around the area including Seascale, Moor Row, Bigrigg, Frizington and Keswick so far.

They have been hearing opinions on everything from leaving the European Union, backing Boris and respecting the referendum - to lack of buses in Seascale; health; education; West Cumberland Hospital, including the reassurances over maternity services; as well as issues with parking and affordable homes in Keswick.

Trudy said: “It has been really important listening to people’s views on so many subjects from local grassroots to parliamentary. And I will continue to strive to work for people on everything that matters to them.

“My plan for Copeland is to leave the EU with a deal that takes back control of our money, laws, borders and trade agreements.

“My voting has been consistent throughout with getting Brexit done.

“My other priorities for Copeland are Moorside - I have been working with community and industry leaders to secure a strong future including the welcome news that Rolls-Royce and the UK Small Modular Reactors (SMR) consortium is prioritising Copeland; improving road and rail; better digital connectivity; further improved health services and education,” Trudy added.