A COUNCILLOR standing in the general election for the Brexit Party says he has resigned from the Conservatives over their position on leaving the EU.

Ged McGrath fired shots at his former party when he resigned yesterday as he announced himself as a candidate for Barrow and Furness in the forthcoming election.

Mr McGrath, who represents Millom on Copeland Council, said had ‘listened to his conscience’ in his decision to resign from the party and called for Britain to leave the European Union without a deal.

He said: “I voted to leave the EU. I didn’t vote to leave with a deal.

“We are left with having to back the Conservatives and a bad deal that was negotiated by Theresa May.

“We need to start with a blank piece of paper and go from there.

“The EU has no incentive to give anything other than a bad deal.”

Mr McGrath dismissed suggestions that he would split the Conservative vote, saying he hoped to attract Labour voters who voted to leave.

He will continue to sit on Copeland Council as an independent.

Barrow and Furness Conservative candidate Simon Fell said: “I welcome Ged to the fray. But it’s slightly strange he’s standing.

“As Nigel Farage himself said, splitting the vote will only lead to a remain alliance getting in and either a second referendum or the result being overturned.

“Voting Conservative in Barrow is the only way to ensure that we don’t end up with another hung parliament with Labour and the Lib Dems working together to overturn Brexit.”

Labour candidate Chris Altree said: “A no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for the Furness economy. Labour will negotiate a deal that protects jobs and defends workers’ rights.

“My campaign teams have been out on the doorstep all across Furness and we are receiving a very positive response from leavers and remainers who are fed up of being lied to by the Conservatives.” The election takes place on December 12.