A DOG which was spooked by the sound of fireworks was found nearly a day later wedged between two rocks.

Esk bolted from her family home - sparking a large-scale search to find the black Labrador.

She was lost for just under 20 hours and was eventually found by a friend of the family wedged between two rocks on the Old Sea Wall in Millom.

Lee Cummings, Esk’s owner, said his family were devastated when she ran away.

"I returned home and my wife and my daughter were out searching for her, my youngest daughter was quite upset," he said.

“I went right out searching for her and we stopped at 12.30am. We did not get much sleep that night.

“It was a very distressing time for all of us.

“When we got to her after Angela’s friend found her she was visibly frightened and scared.

“The response on social media within the Millom and Haverigg community was absolutely incredible.”

He has now backed called for a date restriction to be introduced on when fireworks can be bought.

“Nothing will change until the law changes," he said.

"I think there should be a date restriction on fireworks so that people can only use them around November 5.

“Please be a good neighbour. Consider those with animals and let them know beforehand if you are planning on letting fireworks off.

Elisabeth Ashleigh, from Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, has also endorsed a petition, calling on the public to be banned from buying fireworks, which has amassed more than 190,000 signatures.

Miss Ashleigh, co-owner of the sanctuary, said: “Animals do suffer because of fireworks.

“Birds are very light sensitive and sometimes they can wobble on their perches and fall off when fireworks go off, and when they fall this gets them very stressed. They can die of trauma.

“The light is as bad as the sound as they start to think it is daylight. They become disorientated and fly about in the dark unable to see and can get injured. Especially the juveniles who have never heard them before.”