A PASSIONATE beautician has opened her own salon to chase a dream after losing her job when Border Cars went into administration.

Jodie Carter, originally from Cockermouth but now living in Whitehaven, turned redundancy into a positive.

She opened her own salon, Champagne Beauty after putting her dream on the backburner for years.

The salon is now open for business on Queen Street in Whitehaven.

"It's worked out fantastic" she said.

Jodie did not pursue her dream despite studying beauty at college as she believed there was a stigma around the role. She added that at the time people believed those who followed the career path were not very intelligent.

Instead she offered a mobile service alongside with her day job. Jodie said: "It was something that I always wanted but I never followed it because of the stigma."

Losing her job at Border Cars when the company went bust pushed her to take the plunge.

"I wanted to do it but I didn't have that much time to put towards it."