A West Cumbrian nursery has hit the top spot after being rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted.

Woodend Country Childcare in Lamplugh has been given the highest possible grading across all areas.

Ofsted inspector Julia Matthew praises the "highly qualified, inspirational" owner, and the "committed team of well-qualified staff", who "passionately" share her vision.

The report says: "Staff make the most of every possible learning opportunity, inside and outdoors.

"They work together as an exceptionally strong team to ensure that assessments of children's learning are accurate and used effectively.

"Staff have extremely high expectations of the children in their care and help children to develop excellent social skills."

The report also praises the personal development and outcomes for children who attend the nursery.

It says: "Children are exceptionally well supported to develop good manners. They mirror the behaviour of staff who are excellent role models and treat everyone with respect.

"All children make excellent progress from their unique starting points. Children remain focused for long periods. They are very well prepared and ready for school when it is time to move on."

The inspector adds that teaching is targeted at extending children's knowledge in a "fun and challenging" way.

The nursery, with 68 children on its roll, enjoys links with the owner's family farm, giving children the opportunity to have picnics in the fields, explore the woodlands and care for chickens and pets.

Claire Sharpe, owner, said: "I am proud to be the owner and hands-on manager of a nursery that is totally unique, that's what makes it a wonderful place to start your first years.

"The Ofsted inspector picked up on my relentless drive to continually raise the quality of teaching. This year I have travelled as far has London, training in many brilliant seminars bringing expertise back to Woodend. I can confidently say we provide experiences and memories that will last a life time.

"I am very proud of all my staff. I believe if you have the right dedicated staff in place and they are happy and well supported in the workplace this creates a wonderful place for children to start their journey".

"It was wonderful sharing the outstanding news with our parents. T hey were all overjoyed."