Obviously I have no idea why they are targetting me, but I keep getting an advert on my tablet for big knickers - and I mean big?

To be honest, I've been tempted. The ad shows women even larger than me putting on these bloomers with considerable ease and, straight away every lump and bump is hidden from view.

Anyway, I was telling people in my favourite store, Evans in Dunmail Park about the ad.

A woman informed me of a video that is doing the rounds .It shows a real woman trying to get this wonderful underwear on, only to get stuck halfway. She has to call for her daughter to come to her rescue and cut her out of the briefs. (I call them briefs as a reflection of the short time that she wore them).

I did a column about cyber security recently and mentioned that I am freaked out by the advertisements I get that are obviously completely tailored to me.

But, of course, you don't have to be digitally aware to fall for ads.

I've banned my husband from buying stuff from the leaflets that come through the door. Those black trousers may be comfortable but they are hideous!

These booklets and leaflets do what the cyber advertisers have got down to a fine art - they make us aware of needs we never had.

Do we want to be safe but never lose our key? Nobody is going to guess that that life-like plastic stone in our garden is actually hiding the key to the front door.

You can get memorial stones to remember loved ones, cat scarers.

Don't even get me started on exercise equipment and dietary supplements.

I don't know why we don't have a population of muscle-bound health freaks with all the help available.

There are things you push and pull and pedal. There are rubber strips to pull, recliner bikes, upright biks and even just a set of pedals.

There are vitamins that make you bounce, supplements to help you lose weight and gain weight. There are pills that make your skin glow. You can thicken your hair. You can remove hair from where it is not wanted and grow where it is, all with the help of these magical potions.

And what happens to these things?

The pills and potions end up in the bathroom cabinet waiting to be thrown out when you do your next spring clean - because they are all out of date.

The gym equipment that was going to change your life certainly has. You have had to reorganise your whole house to find space to store it because it will come in handy one day.

There is nothing you can't buy either online, from pamphlets - and don't forget the shopping channels!

The best of that is the CD selections with every song you ever want to own - but often sung by totally different artists to the original.

There are some boots being advertised on my tablet at the moment. They look great. They are exactly what I need for fashion and for proven comfort for my feet. Should I buy them?