A MAN who claims he was hit in the face and ribs with his own lump hammer is urging police to take action.

Aaron Gow said he feels let down after he claims he was 'viciously attacked' on Saturday at 11am while working on Salthouse Road in Millom.

The 30-year-old handyman said he was confused why police were not taking action as he had reported the incident and was able to identify his attacker.

Mr Gow said: “I was putting scrap metal into my van when this guy started punching me in the back of the head.

“I got trapped and then he took a lump hammer from my van and gave me a good whack to the ribs.

“As I looked up he then took the hammer and hit my face.”

Mr Gow, who lives in Queen's Park, Millom claims the attack was 'unprovoked', but said he had had a discussion with the attacker before he was injured.

Officers have confirmed they were called to two incidents in Millom.

A police spokesman said: "Officers were called to a report of an assault on Salthouse Road, Millom on Saturday.

"A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault but was later released without charge.

"Officers were called to a report of criminal damage to a property on Palmers Lane, Millom on the same day.

"A 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and was later released without charge."

Mr Gow said he was disappointed with the steps that have been taken by police to bring his attacker to justice.

“I just want to see justice”, he said.

“I am just concerned that the police haven’t done enough to get him.

“I can’t go back to work as a result of the attack for at least eight weeks.

“Despite going to hospital they were only able to give me painkillers, but for 24 hours I couldn’t move.

“It’s my ribs that really hurt -I’ve recently had other personal difficulties and this just makes me feel like I’ve lost everything.”

Officers urged anyone with information about the incident to contact them on 101.