A BIGRIGG kennels and cattery showers its guests with tip-top service – and it has confirmation from the council to prove it.

Bankend Kennels and Cattery is thrilled to have received a five star rating in Copeland Borough Council’s animal premises inspection earlier this month.

The family-run business has been open for five years, with both regular guests and new customers appreciating the brilliant service provided by owner Jennie Ogilvie.

The animal lover grew up working in a vets practice, helping her dad with the animals. And now he can return the favour, sharing his wisdom with his daughter as he helps care for the cats and dogs who are holidaying at Bankend.

Jennie’s husband and son also lend a helping hand, and together the team have built a top-rated business.

Cat boarders can relax in their spacious, individually heated pens, while dogs are taken out to happily patrol the streets four times a day, and going above and beyond for their guests has unsurprisingly led them to their five star council rating.

Commenting on the council’s rating, Jennie said: “We’re all really pleased. As everyone is involved ­– my dad helps walk the dogs, and my husband and son both help out as well – it means so much to us all.”

She added: “We all really care about animals, and we make sure the animals meet the staff before they stay with us, so that they’re more used to us and can settle more easily.”

Copeland Council environmental health officer Kevan Buck explained Bankend’s five star rating, and said: “Kennels and catteries are adjudged against Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs guidance. The licence holder’s father is a [retired] vet, and they have an excellent knowledge base and background to provide good animal care.”

And with the business receiving such high praise, it’s no wonder they’re expanding their services.

Since April, Bankend has offered a grooming service for the pooches who need a pamper, and Jennie is happy to see owners and dogs alike loving the makeovers.

“We offer grooming to all dogs, whether they’re boarding with us or just wanting a grooming appointment,” Jennie explained. “We give all the dogs a bath before they go home after staying with us anyway, but the specialist grooming has really taken off!”