A Frizington pub had its toilets demolished by a Warburtons lorry – and the landlord is left with “no idea” of when they can re-open.

The Griffin Inn is currently closed after an unexpected visit from Warburtons which saw a lorry drive into the side of the building last week.

Pub landlord Tim Molloy heard a crash at around 9am on Thursday, and went downstairs to find the pub wall caved in by the lorry, and the driver stuck in the cab.

It is understood the vehicle was launched into the pub’s toilets after the accelerator got jammed.

“I thought his legs would be smashed up, but luckily the wall had completely given way and saved the cab from trapping him too badly,” Tim said.

Frizington Fire Service safely released the man from the cab, and paramedics took him to the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven to be treated for minor injuries.

The shocked landlord added: “Thankfully nobody was in the pub or in the car park at the time, so nobody was hurt, and I’m just glad the driver’s all right.

“The toilets are badly damaged, but it’s just bricks and mortar at the end of the day.”

Imran Khan, from Premier Store, was shaken by the event, and called the fire service and ambulance as soon as he saw what had happened: “The driver and I were both shaking, but he was in his senses and seemed okay, and that’s all that matters.”

Although the electrics have been made safe, Tim is still awaiting visits from engineers and the council before he can estimate when the pub will be back open for business.

Due to the extent of the damage, the restructure will be classed as a new build, meaning specific guidelines must be followed.

And this is just another delay for Tim’s work on The Griffin. “I’ve just got to sit back and wait, really!” he said.