Katy Taylor-Hamilton's determination paid off at the British Transplant Games as she put on an impressive performance.

The 23-year-old, who was given a new heart at the start of 2017, competed in a number of events at the games which took place at Newport.

Katy, from St Bees, picked up a bronze medal in javelin and a medal for extra special effort for swimming.

Her proud mum Emma-Jane Taylor said: "To top all this off Team Freeman voted for her to receive the Graham Marsh Trophy for her contribution to the British Transplant Games. All in all she has had a successful time. None of this would’ve been possible without her donor and their family who carried out their wishes two and a half years ago. For this we are eternally grateful."

Katy took part in archery, bowling, swimming (50m backstroke), a 3K donor run and javelin.