A west Cumbrian man admitted verbally abusing staff at A&E as well as assaulting a police officer.

John Paul Williamson, 35, of High Road, Whitehaven, appeared at the magistrates court in Workington on Friday.

He also admitted possessing a lock knife at the West Cumberland Hospital.

Diane Jackson, prosecuting, told District Judge Gerald Chalk that on February 23 at around 11pm, PC Garrett was called to a wooded area near New Road in Whitehaven, where a man could be heard screaming. PC Garrett found Williamson rolling on the floor with a bottle of Whiskey. He swore at officers who were standing around him to prevent him falling down a bank, before spitting at PC Garrett.

Because Williamson was unable to walk an ambulance was called and he was taken to the Whitehaven’s A&E. Police were later called to the hospital. Mrs Jackson said: “He was being abusive and aggressive towards staff and he insulted a doctor. He was passing out, but continued to shout at A&E staff in front of other members of the public.”

A member of A&E staff handed a knife to an officer, saying it had fallen out of Williamson’s pocket.

When he was interviewed by police he told them he intended to harm himself with the knife, not anyone else. The court heard that after around a week of daily treatment to support his mental health, Williamson went to Saudi Arabia to work for around three months.

Williamson told judge Chalk he had intended to take his own life and going to Saudi Arabia had changed his life. He said: “I’m a different person now, that job changed my life.”

Williamson was fined £100 for being drunk and disorderly and was ordered to pay £85 costs and £30 victim surcharge. He will be sentenced for the other two offences at the crown court in Carlisle on August 19 and he was placed on bail until then.