An 11-year-old girl is the inspiration for a campaign to get more electric charging points in Copeland.

Pupils at St Begh’s Catholic Junior School in Whitehaven presented their concerns about climate change to Copeland MP Trudy Harrison during a recent visit.

Emie Gillespie, 11, asked Mrs Harrison why there were so few electric charging sockets in the constituency - there are only 16 charge points across Copelane with just two of those in Whitehaven.

Emie said: “Taking care of the environment is important to preserve it for future generations.

“We don’t own the earth or the environment, we are just caretakers of it. It is everyone’s duty to look after it.”

As a result, Mrs Harrison is now writing to over 150 businesses.

Both Emie and Mrs Harrison have signed the letters together.

Mrs Harrison said: “Given our net zero carbon commitment by 2050 and the Government’s target of ensuring half the cars on the roads in the UK will be ultra-low emission by 2030, the interest in having more charging points in West Cumbria is well considered,” she said. “I am really keen to assist their efforts.”

There are £500 government grants available to businesses per charging socket provided under the Workplace Charging Scheme.

“The lack of electric vehicle charging point infrastructure is frequently cited as the greatest barrier to transition, improving the ability to charge will help considerably,” added Mrs Harrison.

On a return visit to the junior school last week the pupils also helped to name some newborn red squirrel kittens born in Eskdale, following on from Mrs Harrison’s Westminster Hall debate on protecting the creatures.

This year’s squirrels at the Forest How Guest House all begin with the letter G and the children’s winning names chosen were Gloria, Gertrude, Ginger and Gizmo!