Pupils of St Bees School showed off their entrepreneurial skills, being given just £5 to set up their own mini businesses within the school.

The Year 6 children and staff took part in the Fiver Challenge, as teachers wanted to give their pupils a valuable experience that would leave them with one final fun memory of their time at primary school, before heading off to 'big school' in September.

The 10 to 11-year-olds were asked to get themselves into groups, with each member receiving £5 to put towards their business. The youngsters then had time to get their project up and running, buying the materials to make their products and preparing sales pitches.

At St Bees Village School's family fun day, the pupils finally had the opportunity to make money from their business, with the rules stating that they must pay back the £5 they were initially given, and any remaining profits could be kept for themselves or donated to charity.

Jewellery, greeting cards, lanterns made from recycled coke cans and even an assault course were available to visitors, and each team did extremely well, with one of the boy's teams earning £70 from their assault course, and the jewellery stall bringing in £100.

Year 6 teacher, Sheila Hansen, commented on the children's achievements, and said: "The children all absolutely loved the whole process. They were really excited to do something that captured their imagination, and that didn't feel like typical learning."

She added: "It was great to give them something fun to do after finishing their SATs, and prepare them for high school through the challenge."