West Cumbrian Shakespeare fans are being spoiled this summer.

In addition to two different versions of Much Ado About Nothing which will be performed outdoors at Higham Hall and Lakes Distillery at the end of the month, The Theatre Royal Shakespeare Players have chosen to do A Midsummer Night's Dream for their fifth Shakespeare play.

Though Director Tony Parker explains that their version will be completely different to the performance by Oddsocks actors at Workington Hall recently.

He said their production will be more traditional. They will be performing the play in the Theatre Royal, with a large cast in period costume, and making full use of the theatre's lighting, sound and film projection facilities.

He went on to say that the cast will also benefit from the newly installed flying grid, which will make it possible to have quick, seamless scene changes.

The play opens in the ancient city of Athens, where the ruler, Duke Theseus, is about to hold a lavish, four-day wedding celebration.

But the course of true love is going to run anything but smoothly.

Outside the city walls is an enchanted forest ruled by a fractious Fairy King and Queen, two pairs of argumentative lovers and a group of amateur actors who are trying to rehearse a play.

The Fairy King’s mischievous servant Puck plays tricks on everyone and the three worlds collide – with spectacular results.

The play runs from July 16 to 20. Tickets can be booked at http://www.theatre-royal-workington.co.uk/midsummer-night/ or messages can be left at the Box Office on 01900 603161.