Little litter pickers were out in full force on June 25 to tidy up their corner of West Cumbria.

Rubbish quaked in its boots as Pupils of Montreal Primary School donned their litter-grabbers and bin bags, and cleared the clutter from Cleator Moor streets.

The Year 3 children were pleased to spend the sunny Tuesday morning helping the environment after learning about the importance of recycling in their school project, ‘Save the Planet’, and couldn’t wait to tidy up and donate all money raised to charity.

“The whole class loved it – they’re so pleased to have helped the environment and wildlife,” teacher Naomi Bragg said. “Words can’t describe how proud I am of the children. They did a wonderful job, and have been a true inspiration to their families and friends, encouraging them to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

She continued: “The children want to donate the money to a charity for endangered animals, or buy litter pickers and recycling bins for the school – anything to save the planet!”

Cumbria County Council were also pleased with the pupils’ dedication to helping nature, and provided the necessary equipment for the litter picking morning, as well as collecting the rubbish from the school to recycle for them.

To top off their productive day, the caring bunch sprinkled seeds around the school grounds, in the hopes of growing plenty of wildflowers for bees and other insects to enjoy.