HE’S used to wowing crowds at hit-festivals such as Radio One’s Big Weekend, the Isle of Wight Festival and Tommorowland.

But on Saturday it was Carlisle Racecourse’s turn to welcome chart-topping DJ Sigala to the city, to the delight of about 6,000 ticket holders.

The Easy Love and Sweet Lovin star played a set of an hour and a half, accompanied by a full band.

Speaking before the event, Maisie Wilson, 18, who was among a group of 30 from Cockermouth, said: “I am 10 out of 10 excited, we are all excited.

“We have been up since about 6am this morning preparing. I’m buzzing for him.

“I’m excited for the races too. We can enjoy some sun, have an ice cream, it’s great.”

Friend Zoe Hannah, also 18, added: “I am 11 out of 10 excited. It’s really exciting because people like that don’t come to these areas.

“A summer DJ, sun, a proper good event.”

Freya Holmes, 18, was also part of the 30-strong Cockermouth crew.

“We are here because my friend Sophie and I are going to Malaysia in the morning and we wanted to say goodbye in a nice way,” she explained.

Seventeen-year-old Will Wiggins, of Carlisle, came along with two friends.

He said: “I have come for the races, a bit of a day out. I have been buzzing about this for weeks now.”

Amanda John, 23, of Workington, was drawn in by the chance to see Sigala.

“I have been (to the racecourse) for the last three years,” she said.

“But I only come if I like who is playing.”

Miss John believes there is a lack of events like this locally.

“We have to travel to places like Manchester to see people like this.

“It is brilliant to have someone playing locally.”

Also making the trip from west Cumbria to party on the grass, was Matthew Ridley of Maryport.

The 19-year-old commented: “I am not an avid fan (of Sigala), I have come for the horses. But I was more interested in coming to this, rather than just a day where it’s just the horses.”

Ryan Moore, 25, whose favourite Sigala song is Wish You Well, travelled from Workington for the event.

“It is great. It stimulates the economy and it is something to do as well. There definitely needs to be more events for people to come to.

“If Sigala wasn’t on I wouldn’t have come to the races. It’s been about 10 years since I last came to the races.“

General manager at Carlisle Racecourse, Molly Dingwall, believes bringing an artist like Sigala to the course can have huge benefits.

She explained: “It brings different people, a lot of new faces who haven’t booked before. It opens us up to a new clientele who maybe haven’t been to racing before.

“It brings racing to a new audience, creating new racing fans. People have come from different areas of the country as far away as Birmingham.

“Hopefully it will boost the local economy.”

Having big name artists can create a real buzz, said Miss Dingwall.

“It increases the amount of time they are here, it is a longer day. Everybody enjoys themselves.”

Gok Wan will entertain racegoers on August 5, playing a DJ set as part of the Glo & Go Tanning Ladies event.