This was meant to be an informative column on the theme of buyer beware, but Donald Trump has gone and ruined it.

Just before I relinquish my chosen theme, let me quickly tell you about my thrifty friend’s decision to splash the cash on an expensive outfit totally befitting her role as mother of the bride.

Following the reception, it has a mark on it. Checking the washing instructions she has found the warnings: Do Not Dry Clean and Do Not Wash!

Needless to say she is confused, and so am I – which is why this column’s theme has changed to war and peace and war and who-the-heck-knows-what’s-happening-next!

I don’t think you would have had to read too many of my columns to know that I am not a fan of Donald Trump but I found myself getting teary when he stepped into North Korea on Sunday morning – the first serving US president ever to do so.

What if he can achieve what nobody else has?

Someone suggested he was a horse trader and maybe she was right. But perhaps horse trading and blunt diplomacy will work where nothing else does when dealing with North Korean president Kim Jong Un.

I also have to admit that Trump was quite brave. He arranged this meeting through his favourite medium – Twitter. As he said himself, had Kim not shown up, the press would have had a field day. As it was there were remarks about his hair blowing in the wind and doubts expressed about whether this meeting would amount to anything.

But it was a meeting, and the two men have agreed that delegates will be appointed to meet and to find a way that the two countries – and South Korea – can move towards some kind of peace.

Let’s face it, the Korean delegates have every incentive to work hard if it is true that previous delegates were executed when talks failed.

And that is a point, too. While peace would be wonderful, the world must not forget Kim’s human rights atrocities.

But, anyway, for one shining moment on Sunday, Trump was a hero.

Sadly, this is the same Donald Trump who nearly led the US into war with Iran just last week.

He is like a toddler in many ways, but a toddler with the power at his disposal to destroy the world. He throws a tantrum and prepares to launch missiles at Iran. Then he is distracted by a shiny object and the tantrum stops and so do the missiles!

Kim Jong Un is Trump’s new best friend. But what happens if the two fall out again? Just like any parent of a “terrible two” just tiptoe away while there is peace and hope for the best!

Trump has not covered himself in glory thus far. His treatment of migrant children has been appallingly inhumane. His climate change denial has put him out of step with most of the rest of the world

I could go on listing his faults but, incredible though it may seem, what if Trump is the man to bring peace to the world?