THE coastguard has issued a warning to fisherman after concerns were raised for the safety of man.

Millom Coastguard said it was alerted yesterday by two relatives of a man who had gone beach fishing earlier in the day and had not returned in the evening.

Coastguard crew searched the beach and saw the man, who did not have a mobile phone, return to his car after leaving the beach.

A coastguard spokesman offered advice to people fishing from mudflats and tidal estuaries anglers, saying: "Be wary of areas of soft mud and higher banks where the tide may come in, surround you and cut you off; give yourself plenty of time to get back before the tide comes in.

"Don’t go out on mudflats and tidal estuaries if fog is forecast or poor visibility could obscure your safe return to the shore.

"Carry a compass and map in case the visibility deteriorates and know how to use them.

"There have been a number of tragedies on mudflats and large tidal estuaries, we therefore recommend that you carry some means of alert such as a mobile phone, handheld VHF or Personal Locator Beacon to raise an alert.

"Aerosol fog horns are available and might be useful if others are nearby or are looking for you."