Children in The Gambia walk for miles, barefoot, just to get to school, and charity Siiboo are once again lending their helping hands, and holding a fundraising event that everyone can get involved with.

Soles Bared sponsored walk is the latest fundraiser being held by the Egremont-based charity, and will involve walkers completing a 2.5-mile-long route, without shoes, to raise enough money to buy more shoes for Gambian children.

While walking barefoot on their way to school, the children in The Gambia risk sustaining injuries and parasite infections, with the dry and wet seasons posing equally high risks to their health.

Siiboo wants to change this, and have already sent shoes over in the past to the children who so desperately need the charity's help, and have also been responsible for the building of a poultry farm and bakery in the area, funded through events such as their Soles Bared sponsored walk.

All are welcome to come along and support those walking on July 6, and can even go the extra mile by signing up to complete the walk if they'd wish to.

The barefoot group will set off from the Theatre by the Lake at 1pm on the hopefully sunny Saturday, and will be rewarded with a free cup of tea at Cafe Hope in Keswick's Hope Park after completing the walk.

But you don't have to take part in the walk to help, and instead can sponsor the walkers in their efforts by visiting Siiboo's website and heading to the Soles Bared page, at, or onlookers can offer a donation of £1 with a pair of shoes to send to the children, which would play such an important role in improving their quality of life.

Charity runners Sharon and Colin Fox won't be finished with supporting The Gambia after their Soles Bared walk, and will be hosting plenty more fundraisers and events that will enable them to continue the amazing work they do.

To keep up to date with Siiboo's work and events, follow the charity's Facebook page at @SupportGambia.