Children torn from their home through war and adversity have been sharing their stories in art.

More than 25 children resettled in West Cumbria have been taking part in a project set up by the Allerdale and Copeland youth councils.

Cumbria County Council's participation officer, Anna Todd, said the project started at the Florence Mine museum where the children made their own paints and were then asked to create art with the title Life in Cumbria.

"They worked with young people from the youth council and had the chance to talk about what was good about living here, what challenges they faced and life in their own countries."

The majority of the children were from Syria, she said, although there were some from Afghanistan and other countries torn apart by war or famine.

She said language was by far the greatest barrier. Not only was it hard to communicate on a daily basis but it made accessing services, applying for courses and so on even more difficult.

She commended the work carried out by unpaid volunteers in the West Cumbria Refugee Support group who help with such barriers.

The at exhibition is being run in Maryport this weekend in conjunction with the Settlement.

All are welcome at the Settlement on Castle Hill, High Street, from 1 to 3pm tomorrow (Saturday).