The Royal Navy will be coming to Whitehaven this month to raise awareness of its work.

An event will be held at the Beacon Portal where the team will give a presentation on the capabilities and reach of the Royal Navy today.

People will be able to find out what the Royal Navy does and why, and get information about its equipment, people, and current and future capability.

A question and answer session will follow where people will get to ask frontline sailors and marines anything they want.

The visit has been organised by Forces First, an organisation set up by county councillor armed forces champion Emma Williamson and former naval air engineer Gerard Richardson MBE, as part of their drive to increase awareness of the forces and veterans.

Mr Richardson said: 'I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Navy and the experience and training set me up for life. Once you've been in the forces, nothing fazes you."

Coun Williamson said: "As the armed forces champion, we want to educate people a bit more about the incredible people who currently serve and who have served our country and this visit is part of that process. I have family in the forces and I'm incredibly proud of them."

Forces First's patrons are Mike Starkie, Trudy Harrison, Stewart Young and retired Admiral Tim Chittendon.

The event takes place on June 18 at 11am. Anyone who would like to attend, should email: