Jericho Primary School pupils kicked up a rainbow-storm on Thursday, sending colours flying in all directions at their third colour run.

The colour-splattered youngsters ran circles around teachers and parents during the dash around Whitehaven Academy’s field, and left the event with huge smiles, and clothes so stained that even Joseph with his Technicolour Dreamcoat would be jealous.

Over 300 of the primary school’s pupils completed the run, which was organised to raise money for Hospice at Home, to help with the amazing work they do for those in need of palliative and end of life care.

Commenting on the colour run, and expressing the charity’s thanks for Jericho’s continued support, Gemma Bell said: “Hospice at Home are really grateful to have the school’s support, and we’re so glad the children could get involved with the charity through the run.”

She continued: “It’s been such a great day, and the charity would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to LLWR for sponsoring such a lovely event.”

Although the money raised has not yet been totalled, the organisers are thrilled with the support from everyone involved, and are hoping the figure keeps on climbing as more schools are signing up for future colour runs. And it’s understandable why schools who haven’t had their own paint-filled event are green with envy, as everyone at Jericho Primary School’s run had a fabulous afternoon.

Jericho’s Sports Coach, Jack Thomas, oversaw the event, and couldn’t help but smile when talking about the brilliant time everyone had: “It’s been a really fun event. Everyone’s been running around like mad to organise it and make sure the pupils are enjoying themselves, and I’ve really enjoyed it!”

The children, with ages ranging from four to 11, were in their element running around in the sun, but some were concerned about accidentally ‘tasting the rainbow’, so used clever methods to protect themselves from the sea of colour.

Seven-year-old Callum and his sister, Scarlett, five, sported sunglasses and bandanas to brave the run and support Hospice at Home, and they couldn’t have been happier.

“We really enjoyed it!”, Callum said. Younger sister Scarlett, who wore her paint-blocking accessory on her head to protect her ponytail, added: “It was really good fun, and we liked it a lot.”

Pupils and staff are hoping to make the colour run an annual event, and continue raising money for the brilliant Hospice at Home.