The figures have been released for how many people cast their vote in Carlisle, Eden, Allerdale and Copeland.


There were 27,595 verified ballot papers from polling stations and from postal votes, which is 33.85% of the total electorate of 81,521.

The results were announced via the Carlisle City Council website by the deputy returning officer for Carlisle, Jason Gooding.


The voter turnout was slightly lower, with 31.07% of all eligible voters turning out in the election.

A total of 16,422 residents voted, which is out of a total of 52,861.


A total of 16,216 residents in the Eden district casted their vote on Thursday.

The total electorate numbers 41,949.

This means the percentage turnout was 38.66%.

Allerdale - A similar turnout was reported in Allerdale, with 33.78% of the electorate casing their vote. A total of 25,112 residents voted in the district, which is out of a possible 74,339.

Counting of the results is expected to start at about 5.30pm on Sunday, with regional results to be sent to the counting centre for the North West in Manchester by 8.30pm.

Total votes from all areas in the North West will then be counted in Manchester to determine which MEPs are elected.

The candidates for the North West region are from Change UK, the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the English Democrats, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Brexit Party, the UK European Union Party and UKIP.

In addition, there are two independent candidates.

Seats will be allocated by Proportional Representation (PR), with parties allocated a number of seats depending on their percentage of votes.

A total of eight MEPs will be elected to represent the North West.