Two injured women fell walkers were yesterday rescued by Cockermouth's Mountain Rescue Team in unrelated - an almost simultaneous - accidents.

In the first incident, reported at 1.30pm yesterday, a 68-year-old woman broke her wrist neaer Burtness Wood on Buttermere Lakeshore.

The Cockermouth team's 23 members drove to the lakeshore and then walked to the woman.

She was treated at the scene and then driven by the team doctor to Whitehaven's West Cumberland Hospital for further treatment.

While that rescue was underway, at around 2.40pm, a second emergency call was made.

This time a 71-year-old woman had twisted her ankle on the summit of Haystacks.

The rescue team sent a runner up Scarth Gap and the woman was treated at the scene by team members at the scene.

The rest of the team joined the effort once the first injured walker was on her way to hospital.

The casualty was carried down Scarth Gap.

Team Leader Andrew McNeil confirmed that an S92 Coastguard Helicopter from Caenarfon was training in the area at the time and came to the team's aid, winching the casualty on board before taking her to Carlisle's Cumberloand Infirmary for treatment.

Mr McNeil said, “It’s a while since we’ve had two jobs at the same time! It was a great bit of luck that the Coastguard were in the vicinity and as always, they worked seamlessly with the Team to evacuate the casualty safely and quickly. The Team wishes both casualties a speedy recovery."