Whitehaven’s Michael Geen has released an album inspired by the seaside town, consisting of 10 songs written and performed by the singer/songwriter and a team of talented musicians.

The newly-released album, ‘104’, was written entirely by the local talent, who has been songwriting since he first learned to play guitar 15 years ago, and recorded in his home-studio, with producer Lee Shakley on-hand to help with the production of the album, along with Guy Forrester, Marie Morgan, Rachel Swan, and Julie Atkins pitching in with support in the form of backing vocals, piano, and keyboard.

Michael, who grew up in Cleator, works full time as an electrician, but manages to make time for his beloved hobby of making music, as he has always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a musician. And thanks to his love of all things music, the 48-year-old can play acoustic and electric guitar, as well as bass guitar and drums, with his Sprinsteenesque voice perfectly accompanying the instruments.

Two of the album’s songs, were written in response to Whitehaven’s history and beauty, with the mining disasters inspiring the heartfelt words of ‘104’, after Michael had spent endless hours wandering around the harbour since moving to the town six years ago, reading the tributes and plaques dedicated to those who lost their lives in the mines.

The lyrics to ‘Wide Open Sunset’ were also written with Whitehaven in mind, particularly the ‘magnificent sunset across the solway/Irish Sea.’

Commenting on the inspiration behind his album, Michael explained: “There’s a good vibe about the area, with fantastic, friendly people.”

He continued, discussing the rest of the songs and the experience of creating ‘104’: “The rest of the album is a narrative of moods, in which hopefully there’s something for everyone. It’s been a fantastic journey, and I’ve met some amazing people along the way.”

If you can’t get enough of listening to Michael’s songs, worry not, as the Whitehaven singer/songwriter has almost finished another album, and is hoping to release his new music towards the end of 2019.

In the meantime, you can listen to the album ‘104’ on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, or you can order your own CD by contacting Michael through his Facebook page, Michael Geen, or dropping him an email at michael.geen@sky.com.