IF you are 50+ and thinking about your career future, you might want some guidance and advice from an organisation that understands the difficulties and risks that are faced when it comes to staying relevant in today's job market.

Inspira knows that staying in work and taking control of when and how you retire is important to you. With the average retirement age going up, and people living longer, retraining for a second career is fast becoming the norm in the Western World.

Almost half of 50+ adults in the UK say they are not too old to find their dream job and to start a new and exciting career. In fact, one in five are seriously contemplating a career change to fulfil a lifelong ambition.

The Government has taken a number of steps to enable older workers to stay in work, such as abolishing the default retirement age and extending the right to flexible working, but there is certainly more to be done to support those who wish to stay economically active and enjoy, or achieve, a lifestyle they long for.

Inspira CEO, Mark Bowman, says: “Through Inspira's employability programmes, we can help people 50+ to consider their options, whether that is staying relevant in today's job market, finding work, or taking control to remain in the workforce, while also enjoying a lifestyle of choice.”

There are a number of viable options for those who view their fifth, sixth and seventh decades as an opportunity for a second career, such as an apprenticeship, accredited learning, or simply channelling current skills in a new direction.

Though apprenticeships are often considered to be for young people, there is, in fact, no age limit. Funding criteria can be different, but the option to become an expert through an apprenticeship is available to everyone.

Whether you have been made redundant, are considering a career change, interested in a midlife career review, or simply need help to assess your options, Inspira’s experienced advisers are available to advise and support you through the next phase of your career.

To find out more about this free service, call 0345 658 8647 to talk to your nearest adviser, or fill out the form here and we will get in touch.