A MUM has issued a desperate plea after she caught her 14-year-old daughter high on ecstasy.

The mother, who remains anonymous to protect the identity of her child, wants to warn other parents after the teenager took the drug with a group of friends, some she says are as young as 13.

The incident happened during the Easter holidays and the mother said videos and pictures of the group were circulating on social media showing the children taking ecstasy, MDMA and cocaine.

She said: “I can’t describe how I feel, I want to warn other parents this is happening because I can’t stop it by myself.

“The problem is that it’s been normalised, my daughter told me everyone is doing it and she followed suit.”

The girl attends West Lakes Academy in Egremont and the mother reported the incident to the school as well as police.

She has taken her daughter to the GP to ask for help, but she said she feels isolated. “It’s so frustrating. I want to urge parents to make sure they know where their kids are, make sure they’re home at night, that they’re safe and they aren’t getting involved in any of this.”

The mum added she was concerned where her daughter might have been buying the drugs from. She said: “When I was her age it was normal to have a go at smoking and trying a sip of alcohol but not drugs, never.” She added she spoke to the teenager about the dangers of drugs but she feels at a loss.

Speaking generally about drugs, a spokesman for Cumbria police said: “We would always stress the risks involved in taking any illegal substances. People who do consider taking drugs, whatever their age, should have a hard think about what they are doing. They do not know what they are putting into their bodies.

“Children should be aware that drugs can affect their physical and mental wellbeing, can make them vulnerable to harm and expose them to exploitation.

“There is help and support out there for people affected by drug use. We work closely with partner agencies such as Unity, who can provide people with help, support and guidance.”

James Jackson, headteacher at West Lakes Academy, said: “The Department for Education provides statutory guidance for all schools in supporting young people with the many pressures and challenges they face outside of the safe and caring environment of their schools.”