VISITORS to the Lakes can now stay in unique tents suspended from among the trees.

The tents at Low Wray boast LED lighting, windows and a wood-burning stove.

James Ingham, head of holidays at the National Trust, said: “These tents allow you to take a deep breath for a night or a few days.

"Spending a night under canvas up a tree is getting you closer to nature and your surrounding environment while leaving the stresses of modern life behind.”

The tree tents can be booked from May and cost £100 per night midweek and £120 per night at weekends.

The tree tents are sphere-shaped canvas tents suspended in the trees. With side and roof windows, wood burning stove and LED lighting, you can get really cosy whilst enjoying living like a woodland creature cradled in the branches of the trees.

Access is gained by a stepped ladder up to a platform where you can sit and enjoy the view.

There is also a private rustic covered camp kitchen and seating area on the ground to cook and eat your food.

The campsite shower and toilet block is approximately 150m away from the tents. All stays in the tree tents are subject to wind conditions.

How many people can sleep inside?

The tree tents are suitable for up to 3 adults (or 2 adults plus 1 child over 5 years old).

Inside the seating transforms into one double and one single bed.

What does it cost?

£120 per night all weekends and all high season

£100 per night midweek (Sun-Thurs) out of high season

There is a 2 night minimum for booking online but one night bookings Sundays to Thursdays can be made by phone or email.

When are they available to book?

The tree tents are available from 3 May until 3 November in 2019.

What do I need to bring?

You just need to bring your sleeping bags, pillow and your food (see the inventory of what is provided below). A torch is also recommended.

Age restriction

They are not suitable for under 5s.

What happens if it’s too windy?

If the weather forecast for your stay is due to exceed gusts of 32mph (51.5 km) or Force 7 (moderate gale), bookings can be cancelled at short notice. A refund or a transfer will be offered.

How far are the tents from the car park area?

The distance from the car park to tree tents is 40-50m (one is 40m; the other is 50m). The path is gravelled or a combination of gravel and woodchip.

How high up are the tents?

The tree tent platform and floor level is approximately 3m from ground level. One of the tents is suspended close to a dip down to a marshy area so the impression of height seems greater than it is.

Is fuel for the wood burner included?