Accountancy firm Lamont Pridmore is celebrating after it was declared a winner at the 2019 Global Excellence Awards.

The international awards selected the firm as the winner of the Accounting Advisory and Consulting Firm of the year 2019 – England category.

The firm says the win highlights Lamont Pridmore’s changing role in the business world, as it moves further towards an advisory role, rather than being a pure accounting practice.

Graham Lamont, chief executive of Lamont Pridmore, said: “As technology evolves at a rapid pace, the average day-to-day number crunching of a traditional accountancy practice is becoming less and less part of what we do and we are now moving to a point where AI, data analytics and other forms of technology support us as leading business advisory firm.

“It is nice to gain recognition from such a prestigious awards organisation.”

Lamont Pridmore has recently teamed up with innovative car manufacturer, Tesla, to give clients a chance to experience the electric vehicle revolution and learn more about the tax incentives on offer.

Chris Lamont, a partner at Lamont Pridmore, added: “We are very proud of the strong, modern business advice that we provide to clients. Our team has some unique specialisms which can only be improved upon by the technology that we are now employing across our practice.

“The times are changing and we intend to change with them to become one of the region’s most dynamic advisory firms in a number of areas.”